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Thread: Hydroponics Gardening

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    Smile Hydroponics Gardening

    Hello guys, I'm a new member here. As we all know that hydroponics gardening is so much useful and effective. There are a lot of new techniques are developed in this process. I would like to request the members of this forum to join my thread and share your views about the new and popular products of hydroponics. Thank-you in advance.

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    I have just been introduced to Hydroponics by a dear friend, and till now the experience has been remarkable. I thought it would be best to share my personal story with my fellow growers. We live in a duplex cottage on the outskirts of NYC. My old mother used to crave for fresh vegetables that she used to have on her farm, when she was young. I now grow peas, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach at home. The maintenance is easy and the produce pesticide free. The set up took a few hours and it was a very affordable initial investment.

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