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Thread: Baby Grasshoppers

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    Default Baby Grasshoppers

    For the first time ever I am battling an infestation of baby grasshoppers in my greenhouse. I have tried several organic insecticides, Safergro Pest out, Safergro Biorepel, and both a pyrethrum and killing soap. I prefer to use organic solutions for this problem but will entertain any idea as the grasshoppers are destroying all my baby vegetable and herb plants.


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    Grasshopper Control

    Might help.

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    Hey Comtnman, Hope these points will help you little bit. it is more than likely that you can leave them alone as they do not pose as a threat. However they can create havoc and so there are a number of grasshopper control strategies that you could use.

    These strategies include:

    * Planting seeds early
    * Using Insecticides
    * Baits
    * Keeping Poultry

    Most people tend to use insecticides to get rid of grasshoppers and other garden pests. However you have to make sure you read the label carefully before applying the insecticide over the infected area. Insecticides can cause a lot of damage and great care needs to be taken when using them. However they are highly effective though several treatments may need to be used.
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    Since you have all those baby grasshoppers in your garden, NOLO bait might be the thing to try. Another useful remedy is to make a spray using extremely hot peppers or pepper sauce dissolved in water. Add a bit of castile soap increases the greater effect.

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    Default בגרויות

    big like! - thanks .

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    You need to have put on protective gloves. For more plant care,spray tall grasses with Carbaryl-based insecticide. The best time to spray is in the early morning in late spring and early summer before grasshoppers grow into adulthood.

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