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Thread: How to optimize my hydroponics operations to a viable scale

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    Default How to optimize my hydroponics operations to a viable scale

    Hi all,

    I just took over management of our group's hydroponic business. I am quite surprised that labor takes up 50% of total expenses. Is this a right mix for a commercial hydroponic farm? We use 19 workers and we harvest 4,500 kg of hydroponics a month consisting of red oak, green oak, frillice iceburgs, butterheads, green cos and red coral.

    Can you someone please advice if this mix sounds reasonable? 1) Should my labor cost be at 50% 2) At my currently harvest, should I be using less people?

    Thanks...for your inputs, I am trying to turn this business into a viable operation. Need all the help I can get. I operate in Asia where labor cost is cheaper than the US. But I would like to know what the optimal mix could be if I invest in good management and technology.

    Newbie : )

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    Given your unique requirements, I recommend the Space-Optimizing System. The technique involves the setting up of a macro-farm system that is stackable and highly efficient. You can place the macro farm units depending upon how you want to utilize available space, light, water and nutrients. The biggest advantage with this system is much lower costs than usual, since you can achieve maximum yield without having to spend on costly pesticides and nutrient solutions.

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