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Thread: Tips on refilling reservoir

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    Default Tips on refilling reservoir

    Hi everyone. New hydro enthusiast here and I am hoping to share my suggestion and get some suggestions as well.

    I live in an apartment and I have an ebb and flow setup with a 10-15 gal reservoir. I am probably going to be changing the solution bi-weekly but even then, that is alot of water to carry back and forth between the bathtub and the reservoir with my current 2 gal fill bucket. I decided to try something I hoped would be simpler.

    I got a 5 gal bucket from Lowe's, drilled a small hole in the lower side, and affixed a rubber grommet and 3/4" plastic drain tube. The idea is I will fill the 5 gal bucket in the bathtub while keeping the tube kinked so it does not drain then I will carry the bucket and set it on the table above my reservoir and stick the tube into it and let my 5 gal bucket drain in thus reducing my trips to 2-3 instead of 5-8. However, I have leaks coming from both the Inner Diameter and Outer Diameter of my grommet, so this would be a messy job.

    I purchased some Dap auto/marine waterproofing sealant which I was going to use to seal up the grommet and tube but I stopped to think that that may be toxic to plants, and eventually myself when I eat my veg! So I didn't do it but I still think this is a good idea if I can figure out a way to safely make my grommet/tube watertight. Any suggestions? Do you think the sealant will release toxic chemicals into the water? How do other indoor growers accomplish the chore of refilling their large reservoir? Would love some tips!

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    Grommets aren't supposed to leak and should not require any type of sealant. Did you purchase the grommet from BGH? It's possible you made the hole too large or are using the wrong plumbing for the drain tube.
    David G.
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