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    I started a self watering kiddie pool garden using Walmart reusable shopping bags this year and I am hooked. I started with two pools and have been growing zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

    I am now thinking about the winter and what I can grow indoors. Hydroponics is something I would like to try. I have been leaning towards an expensive storage container system to try it out. I have watched a lot of videos but they never show the final results. Do these containers with an air pump actually work?

    I am probably interested in a simple veggie like lettuce to try this winter indoors. My idea is to set the container on an old entertainment center tv stand so they are closer to the ceiling where my outlets are. I have a few fluorescent fixtures I can position over it.

    My problem is that my garage doesn't stay above 50* in the winter. I know lettuce is a cold weather plant though so it may be ok. If I wanted anything else though I would have to heat the garage or build a room around the grow area. Starts to seem not worth it. Any cheap ways to insulate around the growing area without buying one of those expensive tents? Totally legal growing I am doing but I can't wall off a room for it.

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    2 inch styrofoam is cheap and light and easy to cut, glue to build surrounds for your indoor project. Caution, not fire proof.
    fish tank heaters can hold your storage tank temps up, again insulate.

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