Hello all, I'm new to this forum but not new to hydroponics. I hope you can help me and I can help you, thanks!

I have been TRYING to do DWC buckets for a while now but I get the same results no matter what plant I use. My roots are bright white and the plants are super healthy right up until the point their roots hit the water and then within a few days I get root rot and slime starts to form. My reservoir temps are high I know, 75F or so, and I can't keep them down below that. Using frozen water bottles is exhausting and I can't keep up with it and have a job too . My question is this, are other hydroponic methods less prone to root issues? I think DWC is not going to work for me. I know with soil grows the soil itself insulates the roots from heat and helps to keep them cold like the outside ground is. Is this true for other hydroponic methods that are nutrient free but simulate soil such as hydroton dutch buckets or maybe even with perlite? I was thinking of going dutch buckets with hydroton on a constant drip system and was hoping this would help me avoid root rot and slime issues. I constantly sterilize everything inbetween weekly nutrient change outs with h202, including my meters and pumps etc. Thanks for any help you can provide.

I'm using the full Dyna-gro nutrient line + CaliMagic. Tomato plants in DWC with commercial airpumps and airstones. Plant is about 12" tall, 500ppms (1 EC).