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Thread: Trying to create a new Hydroponic growing container

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    Default Trying to create a new Hydroponic growing container

    Long story short, I am creating a new growing system (details don't matter yet) and while I can live with the growing containers that are out there, it may make more sense to make one that fits my needs better. In my opinion, the costs are way too high for the limitation of what is out there right now.

    My question is, what would you like to see in a growing container that isn't out there now?

    A few simple concepts that I have been thinking of:
    Handles to carry/move the container when a plant is in it.
    Removable holes for wires such as sensors, power for the pump ect to try and keep evaporation to a minimum.
    Internal mounts for the pump, sensors, wires ect.
    Auto close hose connectors so you can move it without draining.
    Domed top for growing outside so rain runs off instead of into the container.

    I have over a dozen design ideas that I haven't really seen in any current setup. Don't want to list them all as I would like to get unbiased ideas this time round.

    Feel free to criticize, but please be constructive. Just looking at the cost of what's out there for what you get seems ridiculous to me.

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