The study suggests that “just as precision irrigation can improve water efficiency, precision lighting can improve electrical efficiency,” meaning that different arrangements in a grow room or greenhouse would require HPS, LED, or both in tandem. Grow rooms with highly spaced benches will benefit from LED grow lights because it provides a more focused beam. On the other hand, grow rooms with more of a “sea of green” would benefit from HPS because less light would be lost to the floor or walls in its wider beam. LED’s have the advantage of being cooler to the touch and they can be used right in between the plants where 100% of light emitted gets captured. The precision delivery of light in LED fixtures also makes them ideal for supplemental greenhouse lighting.

As research in lighting continues, there’s confidence that the cost of besttwilighgroups LED grow lights will go down, and their quality as grow lights will go up. Completely new technology is emerging as well, so-called FIPEL? Panel Lighting is supposed to hit the market some time next year.