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Thread: Flat White vs. Mylar?

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    Default finishing touches

    i have just constructed my very first hydro-aero ponic system, and now it's time for the hidding of it, and i was going to use a small frame built out of pvc piping wrapped in thick black cloth, and i was going to use an adhesive an stick mylar to it. Then i read that Mylar conductrs alot of heat. My system is in a closet in a 2' by 2' Space. My was wondering if i got the mylar would it be too hot for my plant?

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    Hey, I've heard mylar can delaminate after a few years of use, and in high humidity. I picked up some stuff from a local hydroponics shop that isn't quite as reflective as mylar, but it is really thick, tear and puncture resistant, really good strong stuff, and it will not delaminate. I just used staple's to get it up on my wall. I highly recomend it, look around for it, it's a little more expencive than mylar, but IMO worth it.

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    Default Be very careful with spray adhesive

    It's highly toxic if you inhale it. Since you'll need to spray in an enclosed space, you should use a gas mask of some kind. I wouldn't cheap out here -- a painter's face mask isn't going to cut it.

    My vote: staple gun. Much cheaper, quicker, safer and easier. Getting the mylar 100% flat with glue or whatever method isn't going to be worth the hassle.

    Second choice: industrial double-sided tape. There's a new kind just reviewed in Popular Mechanics, supposed to be superstrong.

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    Default mirrors are a no no

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    If you haven't used Mylar then I would understand why pain may be a consideration. I can't urge one enough the big difference between Mylar and paint, glossy or not. All paint has natural light absorbance. If it didn't, you'd never be able to stare at it for more than a few hours without getting some type of headache. Try and look in a mirror with a light behind you for an hour and you will see what a "Very Big," difference Mylar has in light reflection.
    Even the silver covered insulating boards (4'x8') don't offer half of the reflection properties of Mylar. ATTACHING IT TO WALL. You need not glue it or tape it to get it to stay. You just need a small electric stapler (Home Depot $25) using 1/2" staples. To keep it from ripping just cut small pieces of cardboard (1"x1") and use then at every point you staple. Put cardboard on top of Mylar and staple it in place over the Mylar. It will hold down the Mylar in place and keep it from ripping. If you think you need more, buy some aluminum tape from here of Home Depot and tape over the corners. The tape is incredibly sticky and will hold better than duct tape and will also shine. I cannot stress how little light you will lose with Mylar and how much benefit you will gain. The difference between my first crop of #$% without Mylar and those that have followed can be measured in elbows; as in plural.
    Nothing compares to Mylar except mirrors.
    TC - Greek
    Believe me mirrors are light eaters

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    I do believe, if my memory serves me right. Flat white reflects 70-75% of light. Mylar reflects 90-95%. Hope this helps.

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    If you want to see the latest in wall covering technology, check this product out:

    Easy-Grow Lightite Diamond Diffusion foil has to be hands-down the best wall covering we've ever seen, especially for the price. Check it out; we've tested it pretty extensively and can vouch for all the claims stated in the product description.
    David G.
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    Which one is more durable, mylar or flat white paint?

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    Default Hanging Mylar...

    Another way to hang mylar is using velcro. Cut one inch square pieces of velcro. Stick where needed. Typically it's the corners and in between the corners if the space is long and the mylar flops. Stick the velcro and pull the mylar tight before sticking it. The advantage you can adjust a bit.

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    I feel mylar is good one and suits more.

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    Default Thanks for the helpful information

    Thanks for the helpful information

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