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Thread: hydro system?

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    Default hydro system?

    can someone recommend a hydro system for larger plants? I am thinking of purchasing a hydrofarm8 w/controller or turbo14 ebb&flow, if there is anyone currently running these systems opinions and advice greatly appreciated.

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    Thumbs up Go with the flow

    I have used the waterfarm 8 in the past with mixed results (mostly bad). It is very difficult to maintain good water quality if you use the system as it is sold. If you search the forum for similar discussion threads, you'll se what I'm talking about. On the other hand, IF you modify the system, it will function better, so I'm told. I didn't bother with the tinkering modifications.

    I would recommend going with a top feed or ebb-n-flow system. Way less maintenance, not as much growing medium to deal with, super easy to run, and great results are produced time and time again. You have much more control with these systems, IMO.

    Call me jaded, but I'll never recommend a waterfarm system. There are many more 'better' methods to grow than the WF8.

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    Talking Agree with FishHead, try the MultiFlow

    I have to agree with FishHead that the Waterfarms are definitely lacking.

    A much better choice is the MultiFlow system. I have used Waterfarms, aeroponics, everything but DWC and the MultiFlow seems to do a great job. The only draw back that I have with the MF is the amount of medium required. Just six buckets require the full 35L bag of Hydroton rocks which can be a pain in the ass. If you have room and don't mind washing those rocks then this is the system for you. Otherwise, you could always use DWC buckets with a controller. Good luck.
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    Default First off!

    I'm not so sure I would heed the advice of a person who had problems running a waterfarm. They are by far the best easiest way to grow HUGE! These buckets not only hold the most medium out of the lot of them they provide the smallest SQUARE footprint of them all. This system is designed as plug and grow. The turbogardens and small self contained garden are great for the space but not for plant size. If you need something that can support something ten feet tall , its a waterfarm. No aero or drip kit that isnt homemade will do it. We grow em all , and know em all. later yall.

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