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Thread: C02 and sealed room question

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    Default recommend a semi approachi

    I would recommend running a semi sealed room. You would need a ac, dehum, scrubber, an intake, and an exhaust, anf controllers for everything. Run your a.c. and dehume 24.7. Run your co2 during lights on. When the plants go to sleep have hour exhaust fans kick on and pull air through the intake. This will exchange the air in the room during night time only. Since the plants require less co2 while sleeping it is a good time to get them fresh air. They won't do very well without adding oxygen to a sealed room as well as co2. So exhausting during lights off is a way around not having to buy o2 tanks and regulators and dialing that in is another story.

    That's my experience and my 2 cents.

    Happy growing!!

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    Thanks for starting threads and posting to related query. It is informative to grower.

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