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Thread: pH and Nutrients

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    Default pH and Nutrients

    I've read on this site and elsewhere that pH should always be checked before adding nutrient solutions since the reading can be effected.

    Well here is the scenario with questions...
    I fill the tank with water and adjust pH until it meters within acceptable limits e.g. 5.8. Then I add nutrients and check pH which now indicates 4.8. When I check my pH the following day (and the day after, etc...), should I be making my adjustments to fall within the "correct" pH (5.5-6.5) or should I be using the 4.8 reading (after adding the nutrients) as my baseline which would change 5.5-6.5 to 4.5-5.5? Or am I missing something? Does what I'm asking make sense?

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    Thumbs up PH should be constant

    The reason that it is suggested that you adjust the water before adding the nutes is so that a too high or low ph doesn't affect the nutes as they are added to the water. In other words, if the ph was too high or too low some of the available nutes that are added might get locked out. This is great in theory, but I have never had any problems with adding the nutes and then adjusting the ph. I guess if you really want to get crazy accurate you can adjust before and after, but since I end up spending a good deal of time measuring out all of the nutes and adding them, then adjusting the ph I just don't want to add another step. Seems to work fine for me but if you want to be completely correct, adjust the ph before and after adding the nutes. Good luck!

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    Default pH and EC

    There is one thing though, that might change the solution EC after adding acid - bicarbonate (HCO3-) is neutralized and the EC then drops a little.
    (sometimes it compensates with the additional nutrients added by the acid).
    Not critical, but may happen.


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