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Thread: What is the problem with my Lettuce(with picture)

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    Default What is the problem with my Lettuce(with picture)

    Hi. I have a hydrophonics lettuce farm and all of a sudden the leaves of my lettuce are growing dark brown yellow spots. Do you guys know the possible causes and solutions to this problem?

    The setup of my lettuce farm is in a greenhouse, hydrophonic plantation, average temperature at 25 degrees celcius and mostly are romaine lettuces.


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    In some cases, it maybe due to deficiency in nutrients like lack of potassium.
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    If you operate a commercial farm, the best thing to do is send a sample out for a tissue analysis. Not only will you get an accurate answer, the more times you do this the more experienced you will become at identifying diseases and nutrient disorders.
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    There's a few brown speckles, crinkled leaf most likely Calcium and Magnesium def.
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