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Thread: CAP MLC-4aT and GRO PRO sunlightsupply ballasts

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    Default CAP MLC-4aT and GRO PRO sunlightsupply ballasts

    CAP MLC-4aT and GRO PRO sunlightsupply ballasts

    i have 1 CAP MLC-4aT........the 220 volt light controllers .....BUT its the one with the 120 volt style plugs.......

    my ballast are gro pro switchable 1000z with MVP 120 volt cords that can come right off and snapp on 220..........

    can i plug in the gro pro with the MVP 120 volt cord to the cap-MLC4aT with the 120 style volt plugs and not burn my ballast?

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    Default MLC4at and Gro Pro

    I hope I'm not too late, but the answer is "no" you can not plug it in. The way the "MVP" feature work is the power cord will determin the voltage of the system. The 120V cord triggers the 120V, and the 240V will trigger the ballasts to go 240V. If you wire the MLC4a with 240V and plug the 120V standard cord it will for sure fry the ballasts. If you contact Better Gro they have the 240V cord with the 120V plug. We molded the female end light gray so you can tell the difference.

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