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Thread: New Wave T5 versus Sun Blaze T5

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    Default New Wave T5 versus Sun Blaze T5

    Whats the better one. This is a 2' system, with 4 T5 HO lights.

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    Simply put they are the same light but dimensions differ a little (nor better nor worse). but the main price difference is because of the independent reflectors on each t5 which is highly recommended. The new wave is about 150 and the sun blaze i think is like 100. i like the new wave, get that one. its worth the extra money for the efficiency and proper reflection. (you'l be pissed later when your plants arent growing if you try to save a few bucks)

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    Default Sun Blaze vs New Wave

    Thanks for your support, let me list all the differences between the two. The New Wave T5 fixtures has these benefits over the Sun Blazes and similar fixtures on the market.
    1. Made in USA with electronic ballasts made with Advance transformers(top of the line US Eballasts)
    2. New Waves are Smart Voltage, meaning it can run from 110V up to 277V, the ballasts will sense the Volt it's getting and adjust.
    3. The reflective materials on the NW is the German highly reflective 95% Aluminum. The others are 86% aluminum, this is important cuz it will release more uniform and intense light down to your plants.

    The Sun Blaze is an excellent fixture for the money, and like many imported things it's cheaper. So hopefully this helps.

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    Default New wave T5HOs

    I bought a couple 2 ft new wave fixtures about one month ago from the local garden store, mainly because they were cheaper than the Tech 5s also for sale.

    They apear to be really well made and my flowers seem very happy with them.


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