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Thread: best way to correct pH

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    Default best way to correct pH

    I am wondering what the best way to test, and correct pH in my waterfarm setup growing burpees tangerine tomatoes (yum!). I have already lost a batch due to shock/high pH/noobness. Also, is white distilled vinegar a good substitute for normal hydroponic pH down? Thanks!

    PS. Is there a good electronic pH meter that people have had good luck with?

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    I don't think white vinegar is going to have enough acidity to bring the pH down at the right rate...but I could be wrong. Honestly I haven't messed with pH, or even tested it, and my peppers are growing well. I have pretty hard/alkaline water, normal tap water pH is 7.8 - but tomatoes are different enough from peppers...

    I can't recommend a pH meter, but most on the market work well as long as you keep them calibrated. I've seen decent pH testers for as little as $30 in the aquarium industry, usually sold as a 'pH pen'.

    Its important to store these testers per the instructions, which usually means keeping the tip/probe wet with either distilled water or pH calibration solution (it varies by manufacturer).

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    The best way to correct pH is to use pH up or down. The liquid is the best way IMO as its not as messy as the powders. Be careful though, a little goes a LONG ways. But pH up/down is for adjusting the pH of the water/reservoir. Don't pour it directly into the containers or anyting (not saying you would). As for the pH tester question personally I love Hanna meters. I would go with a combination meter which does pH, EC, TDS, and possibly Temp. Remember the temp of your reservoir water is important too. Here is the meter I would buy personally its spendy but it does everythingm, will last forever if taken care of, and is very accurate.

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    Cool Ph to high

    It was a sunday and the hydro store gave us a upper for ph . When we needed to lower it .
    I called a Hydro specials and they told me to use concentrated Lemon juice.
    So we did yes it brought it down . And keep on checking the ph till you get it down to were it needs to be.

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    Default Keep Testing

    I'm very new to the hydroponic scene. I happen to own the above mentioned Hanna meter. Very simple to use, I did have to read the instructions to calibrate it though. LOL

    I had my AeroFlo36's PH spike the other day 7.0 -> 7.7 I used General Hydroponics "PH Down" got it under control very quickly... The meter also allows me to maintain my nutrient levels.

    My first batch of lettuce is growing at an unbelievable rate.

    Good Luck

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    Most hydro nutrients are buffered against Ph swings, so lemon juice and etc have a very short-term effect.

    Ph up and Ph down have the correct stuff to control Ph in hydro.

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    The buffering compunds in Ph up and PH down are important to not only control from your pH becoming too acidic, but also from becoming too basic. A hydro that is too basic will harm your plants as well.
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    Home acids and bases are fine to use in soil grows, but they can cause serious problems in a hydro/aero set-up. You should use a proper PH adjuster from the store if you aren't in soil.

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