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    I was looking at ordering the DR240 and it says " this room works great with four 600 watt lighting systems." also it says "Solid construction - roof cross-members easily support 65 pounds" but most air cooled lights weigh between 20lbs-50lbs each so how can you use four lights? and you also have to hang the 2 fans and carbon filter so that weight adds alot and most people who use the Dark Room grow tent say you need a lot of ventilation or heat becomes a major issue so what 4 air cooled lights and what fans and carbon filter would be best with this grow room? and if you can't use air cooled lights in this grow room then what lights,fans, and carbon filter would be best. please be specific in listing the products so i can order online!!

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    I believe the 65 pound reference is per crossbar or per each square in the crossbar grid. I need to clarify with the manufacturer exactly what the 65 pounds is in reference to, but I can tell you this - you won't have any problems hanging 4 of any of the reflectors we sell in the DR240. I weigh around 170 pounds and I have done hundreds of pull-ups in the DR80 just to show walk-in customers how strong the roof is. We have sold hundreds of DR's this year and never had a single complaint that the roof wouldn't support enough weight, and most of our customers are hanging fans and filters inside and putting as much light as they can squeeze in. Having said that, I probably wouldn't hang a CAN 150 or a DFS9 carbon filter from the roof (I would stand these either inside or outside the DR), but a reasonable sized filter should not pose a problem when hung properly inside the DR.

    I know this isn't exactly the answer you were looking for, but I hope it's enough to make you feel comfortable about how much weight the DR can hold.
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