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Thread: question about .7 conv and wich solution to use.

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    Default question about .7 conv and wich solution to use.

    I have a Hanna grocheck 991404.
    It came w/ 1413 cal. solution. Because the meter reads in ms/cm., I'm really confused. Every conversion chart i can find is based on .07 conversion. I tried to calibrate it w/ 1413 on the .7 conversion and it doesnt recognize it, and wont calibrate. It just sits there forever in CAL mode. Am i using the wrong solution?
    Also, I just recieved an order of all the different solutions. After the driver handed me the package, i opened it and noticed that except for the hanna cleaning sol., they were all frozen.
    I thawed them at room temp., and attempted to cal. my meter the following morning.
    Can this affect the viability of the solutions?
    I did a two point PH calibration w/ no problem at all, but it wont recognize the 1413 when i try to calibrate EC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The meter actually reads in both EC and TDS, so if you're more accustomed to TDS then don't even bother with the EC portion of the meter.

    Conversion factors only come into play when reading in TDS; they are not used when reading EC.

    I believe your meter allows you to change the conversion factor. If you leave the factor at .50 (I believe this is how it ships from the factory but I'm not certain) then it will prompt you for 1413 solution. If you change it to .70 factor it should prompt you for 1500 instead.

    If it still doesn't calibrate, call us with your SO or SI number and we can diagnose over the phone to see if the meter is defective.
    David G.
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